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Our Founders


Jojo Entsuah, PE, P.Eng is a Registered Professional (Geo-technical and Environmental) Engineer in the State of Florida who has also practiced in Ghana, Liberia and Canada. He is also an Entrepreneur, a Community Leader who served as President of the Ghanaian Association of Central Florida, a Conference Speaker, Motivational speaker and Lay Preacher. He co-authored the book “A Parental Guide to Teaching Children how to avoid Sexual Abuse” with his wife Barbara. He has also been involved in leadership training ventures including a program of History Makers Training in Kiev, Ukraine under the auspices of Pastor Sunday Adeleja of Embassy of God Church in Kiev. He has ministered in churches in Japan, China, Canada, USA and Ghana.


Barbara Entsuah, MD, is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician who practices in Florida, USA, and intermittently in Ghana, West Africa where she is a Fellow of the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons. She has also practiced medicine in Liberia and Canada. Barbara serves as a Director and Co-Founder of Gateway of Hope, Inc, (GOHInc). In her work to help young people avoid sexual abuse by perpetrators, she has written three (3) books, which have been approved by the Ministry of Education in Ghana.

These include:

1. The Dawning of a New Day: A guide to help victims of sexual abuse go through the journey of Recovery, Hope and Healing;

2. A Parental Guide on Teaching Children how to avoid Sexual Abuse

3. Young People’s Guide to Personal Safety: A book for students in Junior High Schools. This teaches students about being safe at home, in their neighborhood and at school.

 Her other passion is about women’s health and she teaches preventive health to various women’s groups and also organizers health fairs and free medical clinics. She has finished writing a book for women, focusing on holistic health in body, soul and spirit; which can be found HERE.


The vision for Gateway of Hope, Inc was born out of the desire of Jojo and Barbara to affect the society positively through the love of God. The missionary endeavor had always been there since their encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ during high school and they have jointly been involved in many church and community efforts. In a special way, the vision was also fostered by the exposure in Tulsa, OK during the medical residency of Dr. Barbara Entsuah at In His Image Residency which took her to many places including Kazakhstan.


They are leaders in their local Church; Judah, in Occoee, Florida. Jojo and Barbara Entsuah have been married for over 35 years and have 3 adult children –Akua, Afua, and Ebo.

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